Thursday, July 26

New Haven: Pepe's and Libby's

Pizza Perfection…

These were the words we both uttered as we each struggled through our 6th piece of pizza. But it was a struggle worth pursuing. Since 1925 Pepe’s Pizza on Wooster St. in New Haven, CT has been the pinnacle of what dough, sauce and mozzarella cheese can accomplish. Oh and we threw some bacon on one of them too. From the Brooklyn to the North End, neither New York nor Boston’s pizza has been able to hold up against what New Haven has to offer.

We started off with a bottle of birch beer. If you’ve never had it, its very similar to root beer but lighter.

Then our pizza arrived. Cooked in the same brick oven since 1925, the crust comes out crisp, light and thin. With just blackened edges, the crust is certainly not something to be thrown aside here. The sauce is big on tomato and naturally sweet and the cheese is simple mozzarella, no blend here.

If we had to make one negative deceleration, the bacon was a little undercooked, we tend to like our bacon crispy, but besides that, the pizza was its usual deliciousness.

The Cheese was perfect. Simple as that. And though we had to bring some home. We did pretty good for just two people.

Now don’t think we forgot about dessert. Wooster St. in New Haven has plenty to offer in that department so we went right next store to Libby’s.

Libby’s is a paradise for those craving a traditional cannoli or other Italian pastries. We decided to get two cannolis, one of the basic variety and a peanut butter cannoli just for kicks.

We've only tried the peanut butter since getting home and found it a very nice twist on the classic cannoli, rich and peanut buttery but still retaining the classic ricotta flavor.

Not to mention the cappuccino Gelato and peach flavored Italian Ice we ate as we walked to the car. Both of which were lite (in taste; not calories) and excellent.

Overall it was a very successful day.